The summer heat strokes could be worst for you know how to avoid

The summer heat strokes could be worst for you know how to avoid

The summer heat strokes could be worst for you know how to avoid?

Now a day, we frequently used to hear about climate change. This all is to develop concern for global warming and severe weather conditions in near future. Scientists warn, earth is warming day by day and we may leave with only a burning planet in next 100 years. It is happening even now. 2017 is going to be the warmest year of the century with severe heat waves hitting south Asian countries including Pakistan and India. This June 2017 is going to be the 4th hottest moth ever recorded in history till now. The outdoor temperatures in the daytime even reach above 40°C. Exposure to such extreme heat is deadly and is killing hundreds of lives. This issue is generally less focused and overlooked by people but it is as serious as major diseases. This is how it affects your health.


Although everyone should avoid getting heat exposure and take good care of them, but infants, children, elders, patients, obese people and labours with more physical activity are at higher risks and need special care in hot summer. When you exposed to sudden hot surroundings/heat wave, your body failed to sweat and unable to cool down itself because surrounding temperature is too higher than your body’s. This inability to cool down your body can lead to cells damage, lowest energy levels and multiple organ failures. Heat stroke can rapidly lead to some irreversible damage and even death without showing common symptoms of heat related illness. Delayed treatment may lead to brain damage and death within 15-20 minutes.


Skin turning dry & red and muscle cramps are early signs of heat stroke, so you should readily take precautionary measures and protect yourself from severe damage. Feeling weak, painful muscle cramps, very fast or weak pulse, headache, pale skin color and body temperatures up to /above 103°F (41°C). Un-consciousness or one may look confused because brain is sensitive to heat hence don’t respond properly. Hot and dry skin with sever sunburns. Profuse sweating. In some cases, severe heat strokes in children and elderly people show little or no sweating and this is most dangerous situation.


Avoid closed rooms with little ventilation and crowds because they lower the oxygen availability and cause difficulty in breathing in hot days. Try to spent warmer hours of the day at your homes or indoors and avoid useless wandering outside. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Use fresh fruit juices. Take bath frequently for maximum shedding of body heat. Avoid overclothing, wear simple and light clothes. If someone around you got affected by heat stroke, readily provide first Aid treatment. Heat stroke may pose serious injuries; victims should readily be get into cool and shady places. Lay down on flat place with feet slightly elevated. Use a fan to lower temperature. Remove extra clothes and socks and try to cool down the victim’s body by applying cold water and ice on head, face, neck, armpits etc. Encourage the person to drink water and juices but don’t ever force to do so. Provide proper medical treatment as soon as possible.

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